Mind Altar Art

Live Art

It is an honour to create large scale works in the public eye. When painting live, each artwork evolves through the duration of an event.
I love a challenge, to create something special for each occasion, drawing inspiration from the environment and the people around.

Mind Altar Art painting at Weird Talks, Sydney Australia
Mind Altar Art painting at Weird Talks, Sydney Australia

I have created live art at a variety of events – weddings, business openings, nightclubs and festivals.
The last two years I joined the Psychedelic Dream Temple Gallery, as they travel and create Art Galleries across Europe. It has been a pleasure travelling with the amazing artists on tour, learning from each other.

I also work as one half of the ‘Oscil8 Light and Sound’ production team, which enables me to take my live art to new levels. We utilise state of the art Video-Mapping technology, so we can animate spaces to beautifully bring artworks to life.

If you would like to incorporate unique live art into your event, please get in touch!

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